Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Recent Trip: Chang Mai ;)

The second trip of our exchange organized by our head Rotarian here in Thailand. I had an amazing time with my friends and this was an unforgettable experience indisputably and to tell you the truth, I didn't take one stupid picture! Haha, good thing my friends took quite a few :)

Day 1+2:
I am starting here because the first 2 days were spent on a train. How lovely. Apparently our 2 favorite chaperones P'boy and P'Gob were unhappy that us spoiled foreigner kids were unhappy about the train seats, lucky for us our complaining got us train beds...on the way home.

Train Beds from the First Trip

 *We were quite happy*

Funny Train Pictures:

*Carlos and I*

*Carlos and I*

*Jackie and I*

*Jackie and I*

HAHAHA...good times ;)

Train Seats This Trip 

*Emily and I*

Day 3: An evening in Bangkok 

*Me, Addy, Jackie and Veronica*
*First we rode a Tuk Tuk (a 3 wheeled dangerous looking bus that is one of the cheaper means of public transportation) to Central BKK for Siam Mall.*

At the Mall:

*Carlos, Addy and I*

*Nicolas and I*

*Veronica, Nicolas, Jackie, Carlos, Addy, Me, Daniela*

Then back on the train for Chang Mai!

Ok, so im already tired of going in order so I'm just going to talk about the highlights of the trip, like RIDDING ELEPHANTS! 

*Yes, I was picked up by 2 elephants at the same time. Yes, it was amazingly cool :)*

We were at an elephant camp for maybe 3 days of our trip and it was a great 3 days smelled like elephant poop EVERYWHERE. Yes, and by the end of the 3 days not only did WE smell like it but so did our suitcases, hair and clothes smell like poop. Exiting right? Yes, because we got to ride elephants!

*Daniela and I on an elephant*

* Taking a bath with the elephants! Not me though, there was too much poop in the water*

Ready for the elephant show???
*We really look sleepy, the cause of not sleeping several nights in a row :/*

*Can you see what I see? Haha ;)*

*Baby Elephant! So cute!*

*Painting elephants!*

* Elephants in poop water and their caretakers*

*So then they take us away on a bamboo raft, through the poop water, promising we wouldn't get wet... we all got drenched, thank you.*

*Can you see how wet we are in the picture? I wont say it wasn't fun though, i even got to push a few people in the water :)*

*They got pushed of the boat*

On our way to Maynmar:

The White Temple:
If you've heard of it or seen it you know how absolutely beautiful the place is. All made of white and silver although with a quite demonic theme. It was amazing...

*In front of the white temple*

*Heads hanging from a tree*

Part 2 on its wayyy ;)

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