Thursday, July 21, 2011

Post #2: Really actually almost there...

Hey again, so its been awhile but I wanted to wait until I had enough information to share with you to make this at least kinda a little interesting :)

First of all, I got my plane tickets! My plane schedule is a bit um... nerve wracking. I leave from the Detroit airport to Chicago with my friend Kayla who is also going to Thailand (a totally different part). I think in total there are 23 students from all over the world going to Thailand this year.

Anyway, I am leaving the Chicago airport and flying to south Korea where we have a little layover till our next flight to Bangkok. In south Korea me and K are meeting the other 23 students from everywhere.

Some of these kids (that I've met on FB) I wonder why they chose Thailand. I'm not trying to be racist in anyway but why would you go from Taiwan or South Korea to Thailand. You aren't gonna stand out at all and people are probably gonna give you a harder time culture wise. Idk if what I'm saying makes any sense but I guess I'm thinking that if you look kinda like you belong there people are gonna expect you to have a better understanding of this culture you have NO experience with just because you kinda look like them. Wouldn't that make things harder for you??

Anyway, back to flight information, from south Korea me and 23 other kids in Rotary uniform blazers and t-shirts are boarding the SAME PLANE to Bangkok. Yea, freak show for those few other passengers :)

In Bangkok I have this like super layover and I am going to be spending a night in the capital (which is Bangkok, in case you didn't know). After that night I'll be flying solo (literally) to Songkhla a smaller city  where my host family lives.

I wanted to talk about my host sisters, visa, and the program I'm with but I feel like I just typed a short story so, I'll stop here :)