Sunday, January 8, 2012

A few pictures from my Thai friends :)

Thank youu!!

^^Perry and I

^^ Gam and I

^^ Gle and I

^^Tian and I

^^ Ob and I

^^ Rung (Rainbow) and I

Powderpuff girls :) haha Get, Pee, Gift and I

^^ Me in my Sport Uniform


Update: Happy New Year!!

Heyyy! So, I know I haven't written in what seems like forever and its not that i've been busy but ive been more caught up with writing in my journal rather than my blog.

Anyway, before I start my rambling let me wish you all a Merry late Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate.

OKkk! so, actually alot of stuff has been happening but Im not here to bore you so, im just gonna talk about the more interesting stuff. Obviously I cant tell you everything, but, thats ok :)

1. Songkhla Orientation:
        The best thing about this, right off the bat was that I live in Songkhla! Soo, I didn't have to pack or get ready for anything and I got to show my friends around the city i stayed in! Not that I know much about it...
        There were 3 parts of the conference. Preparing for the Conference, the actual conference then one of the nights... a party!

A. Preparing for the Conference

^^Our crew team! Woo hoo! Those bags you see? Yes, we had to fill each one with candy, information pamphlets, paper and pencils! Sounds fun right? Not after the 300th one.

^^My counselor and I modeling these wonderful Rotary Bags :)

^^Sorting, sorting, sorting! We had to make sure every bag had all the information papers it needed, a task that got boring after the 5th one. We did 300 bags. It felt like more.

B) The District Conference!!

^^If your wondering why we all all wearing something blue its because Thai people seem to like to set a dress code/color for big events.

^^All dressed up in our rotary jackets! We sat in this conference room for 2 hours listening to some person speaking thai. We didn't understand a thing soo...we left :) One of the best decisions of our lives, why? the conference went on for almost 5 HOURS!

^^ All cute in our jackets :)

^^Sasha (South Africa) and I all up in blue, ready to party! Woo Hoo! Actually it wasn't much of a party for us because 1) the food wasn't too good, 2) most of the Rotarians were drunk like an hour in and they only gave us coke.


After the "Party", well the next day, the head of the YE people, Mr. Manit Something, arranged for us to have a TEST. The reason being, we are apparently the slowest exchange group to learn Thai. Yes, its true. We basically suck and have been slacking off our past 5 months here. I'm not really sure but everybody was extremely nervous, and then there was me... sleeping.


^^What we did was pick numbers out of a hat that chose who went fist second, ect. I was third, and poor Addy was first up, Lia second (red jacket) and me last (sleeping)!
What can I say yall...I was sleepy!

**A little Story: From the first time I met all of these wonderful people, I acquired a nickname that I think may  stick with me till the end of my exchange year. I always seemed to fall asleep in the most curious of times and nobody seemed to understand how or why I could fall asleep so fast! And so, I acquired the nickname Sleeping Beauty, given to me by my friend Remo from South Africa of all places.

       I would say that what we did wasn't actually very interesting but....we took pictures and pictures say a thousand words!

^^All ready to go! The 14 year old in the white jacket isn't part of our group but he was one of our tour guides. He's half Thai, half Aussie. Cute right? Yes, we all thought so.

^^Yes, these are all gay men, fully acceptable in Thailand.

^^Yes, this is a man. He is obviously a drag queen.

^^ We thought the "girl" in the green was a girl. Indeed she was a he. Ooops! Nicolas
knew this before the picture.