Monday, April 30, 2012

Chang Mai Trip Pt 2!!

Temples, Temples

Umbrella Painting

*This is our entire district group including the Thai out-bounds*

*Daniela and I painting our umbrellas*

*Jackie (Mexico)*

*Nicolas (Brazil)*

*Stef (Quebec, Canada)*

*Thai kids*

I was going to leave this part out because we didn't take that many picture and there isn't much too it but... We volunteered at a school literally on a mountain in the middle of nowhere that was built for this small secluded community in by a christian organization. 

We got there and there were literally preschool age kids running around with one guy and his 13-year old daughter 'supervising'. But hey, the kids were cute :)

The Waterfall:

Funny Faces:

*Britney Spears and I*

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