Monday, June 13, 2011

Post #1: Almost there!

Well, I figured I would begin writing on this blog I got going here. If you don't already know I'm headed for Thailand this August and well, my excitedness is bordering on freaking out. I had a major scare today cuz I thought I was gonna have to see some Thai Consulate in like Chicago when I had finals that day, but it was just me being dumb :)

I know who my first host family is in Thailand. I'm supposed to get the rest of the information that I need like my school and my district in Thailand but this lady hasn't sent it too me yet. GRRR. And don't ask me her name cuz i forget.

Anyway, I'm starting my packing list today even though I have like 2 months to worry about that, I figured I would get a head start cuz I know I don't have room to carry my whole house with me and that's exactly what ima try to do...

So, yea, that's all I can think of to write soo...yea