Saturday, March 17, 2012


Just this past week I returned from a theme park in Malaysia with my classmates from Mo. 5. We had a great time with roller coasters, rain, the DEAMON DROP and more rain! Unfortunately, the rain kept us from riding many of the rides that we wanted to ride and the indoor park was centered towards small children and shopping sooo... we went shopping! (duh)

Lucky (for us) our trip was mostly covered by the school and we only has to pay for the park pass. The theme park was massive even on the inside so once it began raining we still had plenty of places to go.

* On the escalator with my groupie! (from front to back) Sainy, Me, Tian, Julia and Than*

*There was even cotton candyy!*

While touring the theme park i noticed many Muslim people and Indian people, but i didn't see many europeans or westeners, which greatly surprised be because of the availability of hotels, shopping malls, a theme park geared towared the older AND the younger, restaurants, practically EVERYTHING, and it was all on an exclusive mountain! Yes, a mountain. We had to ride a ski lift type thing to get up there!

This to be exact:

Yea, it was pretty cool :) 

*A glimpse of the theme park*

* This is the theme park/resort on its advertisement sight, if you can tell, its on the top of either a mountain or a very big hill :) There was alot of fog almost the whole time we were there*

I believe the theme park is called Genting Skyway or maybe that was the name of the hotel we stayed at?? Not quite sure. All I really remember from that first day was waking up at 3:30am, driving for like 8 hours on a bus really having to pee and then plopping down on a hotel bed! haha

But something is named Genting Skywayt cuzz, i got a picture with it :) hehe

Did you know that Malaysia has their version of the twin towers?? Me either, but i got a picture with that too!  I'm not sure if they are modeled after the bombed ones in the US but...who knows :)

*My good friend Tian*

Incase your wondering, no, the towers were not at the theme park. We stopped at them on the way back from there.