Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Great Serpent...thing

Aloha again! Wait... this isn't Hawaii (i wish), its Thailand, so, Sawadeeka! Yes, the Thai greeting for women. English? hi.

So, i haven't been up to much lately with school being out and with my sister in Bangkok, 12 train hours away, living her college life that leaves me...with not much happening. I was just thinking about the things I really miss back home and it reminded me that I have a blog that I've been so thoughtfully neglecting. So,without further adieu, here is the Serpent thing!

Naga Head at Song Thale Park, Laem Son On, Songkhla City 
*Yes, i took this photo

 I believe it was last friday that Tian, one of my best thai friends and I, went on a little trip to eat Pad Thai, went to Song Thale (Two Beach) park and went to the night market. We had a ton of Funn!

Who is Tian?

Tian is one of my best Thai Chee friends from my school :) She is 17 and is part Chinese.

What is Pad Thai??

Wikipedia Photo
Pad Thai is a very popular Thai dish that consists of noodles, egg, tofu, shrimp, bean sprouts and tamarind. I'm sure there are a ton more ingredients but, those are the flavors that stand out the most. I ordered mine without shrimp and it was just as good! It was nice and sweet as if they put sugar in it but it may have been form the tamarind.

Song Thale Park:

It wasn't only me and Tian at the beach, Tian's mom joined us! I really like her, Tian and her mom are almost identical if you ask me!

This is Tians Mom. Lets call her Mrs. Chee because...her name escapes me. Do you see the water coming out of the serpents mouth? Awesome isn't it? its like a water fall...kinda. The statue is right off the beach and water comes from the sea water!

I'm doing the traditional Wai (Thai greeting).

I'm trying to catch the waterfall!

Tian is doing a better job :)

As the water falls from the serpents mouth the wind blows it all over the place so i decided to go and get some mist! Can you see it?

Tian's mom is so funn!

Oh, and to finnish off did you hear about the Hat Yai terrorist bombing? Hat Yai is a good 15 minutes from Songkhla and 2 car bombs went off in an underground hotel parking lot. Last time i checked 4 people were found dead and 200 are trapped in the hotel.
The scary thing? On of Rotarys exchange students house is just around the corner from the bombed Hotel/Shopping center and she has not heard anything from rotary about relocating! The incident happened 3 days ago now!


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