Monday, October 31, 2011

A litttle Update :)

Yes, I know I havent written anything in atleast a month and dont think its because I'm busy or something, i just have been flat out lazy. But nevermind! I'm back :)

I have alot to catch up on so I figure I'll start now and go back in time :) Speaking of In Time, thats a movie that just came out here....that I must see....oley because of Justin Timberlake :)

Anyway, so, last night I went to a holoween party! It was at this cute little school in Hat Yai run by this guy named Richard and his wife (whos name escapes me). Richard is from the UK and his wife is thai. I met them at the movie theater a while back and they invited me.
The school is named Songkhla International School and most of the teachers are farang like me. Farang means foreigner, its a word I hear alot :) The party was mostly centered around the little children that went to the school but it was still alot of fun and there was

Besides that, over my little semester break I went to Trang and Nacomsi Tamarat, which are 2 other provinces about 4 hours away. I will write about those later because I need pictures :) I was on break for a month. I think it was an optional break because alot of  my friends still went to school, yea...why would you go to school if you had the chance not to. Something tells me its the parents :)

Well, I cant write any more without pictures so, bye now :)